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bryce was born during the grunge era, and that spirit has seemed to live with him ever since. bryce believes that grunge was the last true form of rock music, just before the computers took over. a native of the toronto area, bryce has followed alot of local grunge inspired bands. bryce makes music picks for the sunday night grunge show (10 pm to 3 am) featuring toronto based grunge-inspired bands. just don't tick him off, he may not like it.

for dave rock is life and life is rock. he believes that you can not have rock without roll - it's like the yin and yang explains dave - "they are symbiotic." dave shreds on guitar whenever he can, having released a couple albums and a few ep's over his music career. dave has a deep love for rock music and the city of toronto - a perfect combo for your tuesday nite host on the rock show featuring toronto bands, starting at 10 pm.

toronto rock bands